post snowden, computer musician, logic pro, MAX, apple and where is it going

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post snowden, computer musician, logic pro, MAX, apple and where is it going

Post by poemproducer on Sun Apr 12, 2015 12:38 am

hi, yeah a new thread! technology!

i am curious if any of you have similar thoughts, professional versus light life

my current confusion about apple and logic pro hurts me cause i have come a long way from Notator on Atarie etc and i love computers.
Now i am still on a 2009 Mac Book pro and currently Logic 9. I don't like where the whole apple pro support is going at the same time i started making music on iOS devices with Apps too and enjoy it. Now i need to buy a new computer... soon.

Anybody any experience with the brand new logic on brand new apple computers ?

I am thinking of separating my online and music live also due to revelations via Snowden perhaps settle for a small free software machine for all online work and public work and use one machine for music production ... but then again any machine has to be online these days. And less is more for mobility etc

I am also using Max for visuals and also to process sound, one of my fav music making software is discontinued software from Cycling74 called Radial

My machine is still ok to work with Logic but visuals for MAX 7 seems impossible...

any thoughts welcome?



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